4 Holiday Framing Ideas

vintage photos in a box

Holiday plans are likely on your mind now that the year’s festivities are just around the corner. Perhaps you have guests that will be visiting your home soon, or you are looking for a unique gift idea. By framing something to enhance your décor or personalizing a gift for a loved one, you can make the holiday season feel even more special. Here are a handful of ideas for holiday framing this year.


At first it may seem odd to think about framing clothing, but this idea might surprise you if you give it a try. Visit your local Goodwill, shop online or go through your closet to find old-fashioned knitwear like sweaters, hats and gloves that you can frame together. When hung on the wall, these will add such a warm, cozy touch to the space. If you can, it’s great to use crocheted hand-me-downs from family members. It will be a wonderful conversation piece.


Wreaths are a popular choice inside and outside the home, but you can kick your holiday framing up a notch by selecting dried evergreens instead. There are plenty of wintry options to choose from: cut and press something like cedar, pine, cypress, spruce, or hemlock branches, then arrange them within a frame. These will look so elegant no matter where you choose to hang them, but they can make an entryway feel especially welcoming.


Holiday framing isn’t all about décor.  Gift-giving provides the perfect opportunity for framing something special this holiday season. More than likely, you’ll want to choose something to frame that feels personal. For a young couple celebrating their first holiday together, it would be great to frame some mementos from a first date or meeting (event tickets, dried flowers, a handwritten note, etc.). You could also frame polaroid photos, the collar of a beloved pet or a page taken from someone’s favorite book. A 3D frame with depth or a decorative frame would be the perfect choice for something nostalgic.


The end of the year is a time when we tend to reflect on our accomplishments. When you think about your holiday framing options, consider how a friend or family member has prospered these past twelve months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be the perfect time to acknowledge what someone you care about has achieved during such a turbulent time. Maybe you have a child who graduated from college or a brother or sister who now owns a law practice. Framed diplomas and certificates are the perfect gift; they can show someone how much you value and appreciate the things that matter most to them.

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