4 Framing Trends We Expect to See in 2022

modern style photo frame

2022 will be a year remembered for fresh starts and new perspectives. Everyone is ready for a change, whether that means starting a new career, having a new lease on life or re-conceptualizing a space. After spending so much time indoors, you may be looking around and realizing it’s time to transform the place you call home. Perhaps your workplace needs an uplift. One way to do that is by hanging artwork, photographs and mementos that bring your personality to life. In 2021, we saw collages, botanicals, and an emphasis on individuality and quality. For 2022, we expect these framing trends to explode into new, unexplored avenues.

Maximalist Gallery Walls

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Modest, simplistic designs will always be classic, but right now it’s the perfect time to let unrestrained ideas run free. More than anything, we expect decadent, over-the-top frames and artwork to be a massive hit in 2022. Now more than ever, people are ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace something completely different. When it comes to framing trends, we could see colossal, attention-grabbing pieces, gilded materials, curvature and bold mat combinations.

Multi-Piece Frames

As people look for new ways to frame their favorite artwork and photographs, multi-piece arrangements will surely stand out. With this framing technique, multiple frames can be placed together to showcase one cohesive image. Framing trends such as this offer a statement piece that adds dimension to any room. Expect plenty of 360-degree landscapes and frames that, when combined, form a distinctive shape.

Bright Neon Shades

This trend goes hand in hand with maximalist designs. Where there is maximalism, there is color! However, not just any colors will do. For 2022, our motto is: the brighter, the better. Middling colors such as greys, browns and blacks will still be on the table, but only when contrasted with neon shades, pastels and vibrant tones. We anticipate lots of buoyant, colorful frames paired with equally dazzling artwork. As far as framing trends for this year are concerned, this is a must.

Rustic Wood Frames

When people do select something more classic in 2022, it will be done with style. Wood frames won’t just be run-of-the-mill backdrops. Instead, traditional materials will gain a new identity. When done right, rustic, repurposed wood frames can evoke nature and a sense of nostalgia for times past. Think about that hiking trip you took during the pandemic, or the log cabin you stayed at with family during Christmas a few years ago. A natural frame will capture those memories perfectly. That’s why this framing option will be a popular choice for family photos, trip mementos and even pictures of furry friends.

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