4 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Picture Framing Company

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Choosing a specialist for your picture framing needs is a great decision for those seeking a customized solution that complements their subject pieces and the surrounding area. However, not all picture framing companies are created equally. Be sure to consider these factors when choosing the picture right framing company for your next project!

Previous Experience

There are several types of picture framing companies out there. Some have plenty of experience with residential projects, but lack experience with large commercial projects. Others may have the ability to create an excellent finished product but lack the ability to complete installations. When selecting a picture framing company, be sure that they have plenty of experience completing jobs in your industry and can accommodate any additional services, like installation, that you may need. This way, you can be sure that your money is well spent and the entire project is seamless throughout. 


When you walk into a picture framing company to consider their services, be sure to check their variety of framing options. There are countless types of frame colors, widths, materials, glass covering, and mats. When you choose a picture framing company that has a vast selection of these, it becomes much easier to zero in on the perfect solution for your space.

Attention to Detail

The best picture framing companies display a great attention to detail. They know that the right picture frame does more than enhance what is inside of it; it adds to the entire space it occupies and elevates everything surrounding it. As such, you should expect your picture framing company to understand the importance of proper design techniques and top-notch execution. The Chessler Company takes that a step further and is even willing to help clients select the right art to bring their vision to life!

Competitive Pricing

In addition to the factors above, you should expect your picture framing company to offer competitive pricing. Whether you are looking for an affordable solution for your home, or a high-end overhaul of your commercial space, a worthy picture framing company will be sure to deliver you top notch service at a reasonable cost.

The Chessler Company is the Preferred Baltimore Picture Framing Company

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