4 2023 Framing Trends

Stylish interior of living room with mock up poster frame, wooden commode, book, eucalyptus leaf in ceramic vase and elegant personal accessories. Minimalist concept of home decor.

While there are plenty of frames that are classic and timeless, there are also plenty of trendy options that are a fun way to add some color and personality to your space. Here are some of the 2023 framing trends that we expect you’ll see in homes and businesses throughout the year.

What’s Old Is New Again

Vintage styles are coming back, and many homeowners and business owners are exploring mid-century modern pieces that incorporate warm wood tones and rich, saturated colors like ochre and moss. This shift can be seen in the 2023 framing trends, as colors that are reminders of the 1960s and warm, wood tones are coming back in framing. To incorporate this into your space, choose a wood picture frame and consider a mat in a bold, retro color.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Another one of the popular 2023 framing trends is incorporating eco-friendly materials into the frame or mat. Aside from upcycling found pieces like barn wood, there are other frames that are designed with more environmentally-friendly materials like bamboo and aluminum. We can help you strike a balance between the high-quality framing you need and more eco-friendly options.

Texture and Boho Flair

Bohemian style is coming back in a big way, and many designers are creating lush interior spaces that play around with colors, shine, and texture. Boho is not always easy to incorporate into a framing project, but choosing a mat with an interesting texture and playing around with chunkier, ornate frames is a great way to get started.


While 2020 might have been the year of Marie Kondo and sparking joy, minimalism is here to stay. This one of the 2023 framing trends is easy to incorporate into your home or business. Instead of having a gallery wall filled with multiple pictures in different colors of frames, choose a few large statement pieces with sleek modern frames or mats.

Start Trying the 2023 Framing Trends with The Chessler Company

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