3 Types of Businesses that Need Framed Artwork

A restaurant with a beautiful framed artwork piece on the wall. The artwork is an illustration of a ramen noodle bowl with noodles coming out.

Framed artwork adds personality to any workplace. It sets the tone and speaks volumes about the clientele and the company’s brand values. However, some businesses need it more than others. In some locations, artwork doesn’t make much of an impact because the main attraction is so captivating. At nightclubs, casinos and sporting events, for instance, you probably won’t take notice of framed artwork hanging on the walls. Most people are too absorbed in the entertainment and the action to notice. At other businesses, however, many customers will have extra time on their hands to take in their surroundings. Below, we’ll discuss what types of businesses have the most to gain from professionally framed artwork.

1. Local Restaurants

Local restaurants have a unique opportunity when it comes to framed artwork. Through the shared love of food, restaurants bring communities together. In cafes, bars and beloved diners, we meet with loved ones and take part in a local scene. With framed artwork, restaurant owners can reflect their community on the walls. When combined with the right décor and lighting, your chosen artwork can create an evocative atmosphere. Whether your customers are regulars or tourists, they’ll be sure to remember your restaurant and its artistic flair. Additionally, this is a great chance to highlight a town’s landscape, nightlife and local flavor.

2. Corporate Offices 

Corporate offices can be lackluster, and they tend to look alike. Plain, white walls, standard office equipment and fluorescent lighting aren’t exactly appealing. Consequently, offices need to make a drastic change in order to stand out from the crowd. If you want to bring a sense of liveliness to your work environment, framed artwork is an excellent choice. Large, abstract statement pieces are particularly successful, as they add color and personality to dull spaces. Framed artwork in your office will also boost the mood of your visitors, employees, and colleagues.

3. Coffeehouses and Bookstores

People visit coffee shops and bookstores to work remotely, unwind and browse the shelves. This gives them plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and observe your framed artwork. Historically, these establishments are also known for attracting creative types like artists, writers and musicians. It makes perfect sense, then, that patrons will appreciate the artwork on display in these businesses. You may choose to commission a local artist to paint portraits for your shop to give it its own unique flair. Whatever you select, it should convey the ambience of the place. If, for instance, you host spoken word poetry events, think about hanging photographs of famous poets you admire. Anything that sparks conversation and creates a dynamic atmosphere will be perfect for coffeehouses and bookstores.

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