3 Tips to Pick a Mat for Your Framing Project

Matte board of picture in photo frame, background texture pattern of mouth board.

Customizing your framing project is exciting, as you get to choose the perfect frame to make your photograph or art piece shine. One of the biggest considerations is the mat for your framing project. Mat color, width, and texture can completely transform the final look of your project. Here are some of our best tips to choose the perfect mat for your project.

Think Carefully About Color

The color that you choose for the mat for your framing project plays a major role in how the piece looks. Do you want your mat color to be a classic crisp white, or would a color that coordinates with the art piece make a bigger impact? If you want to use a double mat, you can also choose an outer/top mat in a neutral color and an inner/bottom mat with a bolder color for an eye-catching look.  

Choose Mat Size Wisely

Another key decision to make about the mat for your framing project is how wide it will be. If you want your piece to look symmetrical and balanced, you should choose a mat that is the same width on all four sides. However, you could also choose a drop mat and use a slightly different width on the bottom for a bold look.

Think About Material

Finally, the mat for your framing project can be purchased in a variety of materials. Fabric, alpha-cellulose, and other materials can all be used to accent your art piece and protect it long-term. Particularly if you are framing your piece to preserve it for future generations, it’s best to choose a mat material that is designed to last.

Some low-quality materials might be more affordable, but they will not last for decades without issues. However, alpha-cellulose mats can be created with a neutral pH and resist fading over time. Additionally, we offer numerous types of fabric mats in different colors and textures, including linen and suede. We can walk you through a variety of options for your framing project so that you make the perfect choice for your needs.

Find the Right Mat for Your Framing Project with The Chessler Company

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