3 Tips for Choosing Conference Room Art

conference room art by Chessler co

The conference room at your office is one of the most important places that you and your employees regularly spend time. As a result, you want to ensure that it is a space that promotes productivity, efficiency and cooperation. While conference room art might seem like only a tiny sliver of that equation, it remains an essential part of every meeting space that you design. How can you select the right conference room art when designing a space?

3 Tips for Choosing Conference Room Art

  1. Think About Lighting: Every conference room has different lighting constraints. Some have overhead lighting, while others have warmer lighting that is easier on the eyes. Some have a great deal of natural lighting and others have a mixture of all of the above. Choose pieces that will look wonderful in the lighting present in the room and not make things appear too bright or too dark.
  2. Make It Match: When choosing conference room art, you should also consider the art that is present throughout the rest of the office. If the reception area is filled with colorful photographs that match the mission of the organization, having a conference room filled with line art drawings or abstract paintings will feel out of place. Pay attention to the types of artwork and elements present throughout the rest of the building.
  3. Don’t Let It Distract: Finally, you should always ensure that your conference room art does not distract from the meetings and presentations that will be taking place. There’s nothing wrong with something visually interested, but never select something that is so busy, bright or colorful that meeting participants won’t be able to stay on task.

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