3 Things You Should Be Framing That Aren’t Paintings or Photos

framed photo unpacking remembrances

Although pictures and paintings make up most framed items, there are a wide variety of things you should be framing to display in your home! A frame not only highlights whatever is inside but also provides protection, making it the perfect way to showcase your treasured items, regardless of how many dimensions they have. Let’s look at some of the most popular things we can frame.


Family heirlooms can be some of the most precious items we own. Since they also tend to be the most delicate, they are one of the things you should be framing. We can easily display and arrange old photos, family recipes, handwritten notes and postcards in beautiful traditional picture frames. What if you’d like to include a vintage pocket watch, gorgeous locket or another item that had been passed down to you? Those look stunning in a frame as well! We can customize your frame’s depth and use layers of mats or a shadowbox to present your heirlooms in an elegant way that will also protect these fragile items from fading or breaking.


Although we haven’t been to many events this past year, memorabilia like event tickets, signed posters, sports jerseys, event tickets, old albums or collectible items are also on the list of things you should be framing. An extensive collection can take years to put together, but memorabilia can also take up storage space in your home and lose value if it is not properly stored. If you’re interested in retaining your collectibles’ value, we highly recommend getting them framed to protect them from light, dust and accidental water damage. We also offer professional installation services, which will ensure your memorabilia is safely and securely mounted to the wall.


Everyone has a small collection in their home that reminds them of memories, milestones or other life events. We’re sure you’re familiar with gallery walls for displaying your favorite photos, but have you ever thought of the other items you should be framing to showcase anything else that made those events special? We can create custom shadow boxes and display frames for things like dried wedding bouquets, baby blankets or swaddles, awards, college pennants and more. We can even lay out the design in those frames to complement your existing décor and design aesthetic.

Show Off the Things You Should be Framing with The Chessler Company

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