3 Reasons Why Art Is Important in a Healthcare Environment

Framed Art in Healthcare Office

Many people in a hospital or medical facility are not excited to be there, as they are waiting for a potentially stressful appointment or procedure. Others are anxious about getting the visit over as fast as possible, and every minute that they spend checking their watches and tapping their feet is another that they’ll count against you. Art can vastly improve any medical facility. What are some of the reasons why art is important in a healthcare environment?

Improving the Mental Health of the Viewers

Countless medical facilities including doctor’s offices and hospitals prominently display art—and it’s not just because it looks nice on the walls. One study from 2011 found that the region of the brain that indicates happiness and joy experienced increased blood flow when seeing a nice piece of artwork. This study and others have indicated that seeing art can improve mental health and happiness.

Accelerating the Healing Process

Another reason why art is important in a healthcare environment is its impact on the healing process. One 1984 study examined how seeing art or nature was able to accelerate the healing timeline for patients. The results indicated that patients who were able to see nature, trees, or pictures of nature in their rooms were able to limit their pain medication usage and heal almost one day faster.

Decrease Stress Levels

The Cleveland Clinic wanted to explore different methods of reducing stress in patients who visited for any appointment, not just those who were admitted. This study found another reason why art is important in a healthcare environment, as it found that stress levels decreased up to 60% for patients who were able to view the curated art collection placed throughout common spaces, lobbies, exam rooms, and patient rooms. Seeing art provided a temporary reprieve from the stresses of the situation.

Invest in Art for Your Healthcare Company with The Chessler Company

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